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All about Bandana

Tai Unuma

History of Bandana can go back to the late 16th century in Mexico. It was first used by the farmer, nomads and day worker. They've used this bandana around their neck, since they wore a shirt with out a collar, to protect them selves from the strong sunshine and to absolve the sweat.

This Bandana's feature was effective in many other fields and in the 17th century, this "Bandana Culture" influenced the sailors and finally it reach the United States.

In the mid 19th century, the American horse riders  "COW BOYS" started using this Bandana and it became one of the symbols for them.

At Rugged Road Online and the store in Williamsburg, we select and provide variable selections of Bandana from one of the earliest "The Elephant Logo Bandana" to one of the latest vintage Bandanas "Crafted With Pride in the USA Council Logo Bandana".

Think about how Bandana was important for the workers back in the days, and isn't it time for you to choose your favorite Bandana in t he world at Rugged Road??